Upholstery Cleaning LiverpoolProfessional upholstery cleaning is another of our specialised services and delivers outstanding results without margin for error or high costs. Upholsteries are best cleaned using professional products and equipment as they are usually made of delicate fabrics which do not tolerate aggressive machine washing or other similar means of sanitising. The average upholstery is exposed to fair few hygiene issues in its everyday use. Things like cigarette smoke, pungent kitchen odours, as well as contact with the human body (oils, hairs, odours, dead skin cells etc.) will eventually leave the upholstery looking and feeling a little worse for wear. Such issues however can easily be dealt with using our professional upholstery cleaning option.

Suitability and effectiveness

  • The cleaning methods we apply are perfectly safe and suitable for all natural or synthetic upholstery fabrics.
  • The equipment and products will not affect or alter the visual or physical properties of upholstery fabrics i.e. colour fastness, dimensions, comfort properties etc.
  • In many cases, it is possible to clean the upholstery effectively on all visible sides, including nooks and gaps, without actually having to remove it from the piece of furniture.
  • The steam cleaning technique we apply is highly effective in lifting and removal of staining and soiling, even stale examples of such.

Quick and convenient service

Our professional upholstery cleaning service is very convenient as all cleaning takes place onsite, in the comfort of your own home. There will be no need to take fabrics elsewhere or wait around to have them delivered back as our technicians are fully equipped and will perform all necessary cleaning procedures on the spot. The cleaning will be done as quickly as possible, though for best results the cleaners will need a certain amount of time, we really appreciate your patience.

Some additional information

Since we use the natural cleaning power of steam to yield optimal results, the service involves minimal application of solvents or other chemicals. However, in certain cases when dealing with stubborn staining or heavy soiling, the cleaners will pre-treat the affected areas using sparing amount of mild solvent.

Upon completion of cleaning, the upholstery will be slightly damp, which is only logical and expected. Most upholstery fabrics / materials should be dry enough to use in a couple of hours, though actual drying time will depend on ambient temperature, relative humidity and aeration of the room.Upholstery Cleaning Liverpool

In some cases, we come across stained areas of the upholstery which have been subjected to wrong cleaning methods or sunlight damage (fading, discolouration), these are considered permanent and cannot be reversed even by professional cleaning treatments.

The cleaning systems we use can be applied to various upholstery fabrics and materials without shortening their lifespan, even when performed on a regular basis. For optimal hygiene and healthier indoor environment we recommend having your upholsteries cleaned professionally at least once every six months. Frequent daily use would call for more frequent cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning services are available for booking seven days a week, under convenient hours. For more information on the service please speak to our consultants.