End of Tenancy Cleaning LiverpoolProfessional end of tenancy cleaning is a compulsory requirement when a rental property is being vacated and prepped for its next tenants. We provide a specialised end of tenancy cleaning service in Liverpool which delivers industry standard results all round, and best of all – doesn’t cost a small fortune. The service can be requested and organised by tenants or landlords alike.

Fully comprehensive cleaning treatment

When the aim of the game is exceptional cleaning results all round, our end of tenancy cleaning service delivers.

  • The service is fully comprehensive and covers all rooms and areas of the property, even out of sight and certain hard to reach spots which also need proper cleaning.
  • As expected the cleaning process will be focused on heavy duty and high traffic areas, which see a lot of daily use (and abuse), such as kitchen, wet rooms, hallways, stairs etc.
  • If requested by customers cleaning efforts can be focused on other specific rooms/areas of the property so that perfect results are delivered where most needed.

The cleaning teams, materials, products

We understand that a professional service such as our end of tenancy cleaning in Liverpool must deliver nothing short of exceptional results every time, and it does just that.

  • All cleaning carried out by qualified and experienced cleaners;
  • Use of industry certified cleaning products and materials;
  • Minimum water and resource waste during cleaning;

Additional information regarding end of tenancy cleaning

The end of tenancy cleanings aims to deliver not only outstanding results, but also convenience and flexibility.End of Tenancy Cleaninig Liverpool

  • The cleaners can follow a pre-made cleaning checklist made available by tenants or landlord, if no such list is made available, or there are no specific cleaning requirements, our teams will carry out the process in a systematic, well organised fashion in order to deliver consistent, quality cleaning results across the property.
  • The end of tenancy cleaning in Liverpool can be customised as per individual requirements, or it can be combined with other treatments like carpet or upholstery cleaning.
  • End of tenancy cleaning is generally available during all days, under flexible hours, however If the property will be due for inspection or viewings we recommend having the cleaning done as close as possible to these events so that landlord or potential tenants are presented with a freshly cleaned interior.
  • When booking the end of tenancy cleaning, please consider that for best results our cleaners will need a certain amount of hours, so schedule the service for a time and day of the week which suits you best.
  • The cleaners are able to work unattended, though key pickup and drop off arrangements will have to be made in advance, please speak to our consultants.

Affordable service, good value for money

As always we aim to provide our customers with excellent cleaning service without excess costs, our domestic cleaning in Liverpool is a great example for that. We do this through fair and adequate cleaning quotes, which do not contain any hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges. In order to further minimise the price, we reduce material and product waste, without compromise on quality or efficiency of our work.